Is it possible to live every day with confidence and clarity while dealing with inevitable life challenges?


Seven Freedom Elements makes living a life of freedom simple and helps readers understand the essential foundations they need to move through life’s daily challenges with a sense of confidence and clarity. In the same way that a dream house needs a solid foundation, the ideal life requires a mastering of the essential elements that empower and free those facing life’s challenges to take their next daring step on life’s journey. Whether it is creating a business, generating more money, quality relationships, or simply being happier, it all requires the same foundational, learnable skills. Kylie Zeal has taken all that she has learned through thousands of hours of research, working with clients, and her personal experience, and given structure to those insights. The result is seven key qualities that form the basis of a life of freedom, and Seven Freedom Elements describes them in a way that is easy to read and understand. Readers will discover how old behavior patterns are keeping them stuck, the choices they have over their own self-worth, and how to experience more freedom than they ever believed was possible.

Seven Freedom Elements is Kylie Zeal’s first book. It is being published through Morgan James Publishing and will be available globally on 6th February 2018.

Kylie is in the process of finalising her second book. It will be released in the second half of 2018.

Praise for Seven Freedom Elements

“I wish I’d found this book 20 years ago! As someone who has spent the last two decades working out how to live a life of freedom, I can promise you that Seven Freedom Elements sets out exactly what you need to know to take back control of your life and start creating the results you want. I particularly love what Kylie shares about Element 6 (Responsibility), which she aptly calls your “superpower”; that was the piece that really turned my world right side up. If there’s anything you want to change about your life, Seven Freedom Elements will give you the insights and strategies to make it happen.”

Caroline New

Executive Coach

“The seven freedom elements presented in this liberating book are clearly the result of many hours of coaching experience and research. It’s very insightful, easy to read, and extremely practical in understanding how to live an awakened life around your career, relationships, or life more generally. If you want to end the struggle and embrace confidence, joy and freedom, read this book (and give a copy to your team as well!)”

Avril Carpenter


“Seven Freedom Elements is a roadmap towards personal freedom. This book provides valuable insights and tips on how to take control of your life on all levels. It is a guide on how to attain true emancipation from, often imaginary, ties that hold you back from living a truly unencumbered and liberated life. Seven Freedom Elements is outstanding in its simplicity and punctuated with real-life examples, making it a comfortable, entertaining and enlightening read. I couldn’t put it down. And it has become my new go-to manual for the times when I am feeling restrained or held back by something or someone, imaginary or real. As a self-confessed self-help book enthusiast, if there was one book in this genre I would recommend, Seven Freedom Elements would be it. Do yourself a favour and invest in your own journey to personal freedom.”

Annette Guilfoyle

Executive Manager