About me

Hi, I'm Kylie 🙂

I’m here to claim my space in the world and help others do the same. I spent far too much time in the past keeping myself small and not creating the things I most wanted for my life. Glad that phase is over now! I still get freaked out and experience ‘anxitement’ (anxiety and excitement) when going after something I know I want, but those feelings are my signal that it’s something important and worth taking a chance on.

Together, making a difference

I love to gather with like-minded, inspired people. Whether it’s one-on-one, or in a group setting, I love the exchange of energy and ideas that happens with the gathering of people who are consciously taking responsibility for making the most of their lives – and creating a better world. The way I feel when I’m gathered with people who want make a positive difference was inspiration behind the creation of my group coaching programs.

Beauty & Truth

I’m a beauty and truth seeker. Amongst all of life’s challenges, I regularly find truth and beauty – probably because I’m looking for them. I’m constantly, consciously managing my thoughts and perspective. I’m fully aware that how I feel in each moment is the result of the perspectives I take and the stories I tell myself – both within my power to change. It’s taken me some practice at getting better at managing my thoughts, and I keep working on it (often with the guidance of a coach or wise friend), but truth and beauty are always worth it.

TIme & Energy

My confidence often tricks people into thinking I’m an extrovert, but no, I’m an introvert at my core. I love to recharge in the many hours I spend in happy solitude with my thoughts and ideas – reading, writing my next book, or soaking up some sunshine – all essential activities for me when I have a never-ending to-do list and live in fast paced world that’s always trying to sell me something. Once recharged, I like to put my energies into my next project, working with clients or socialising with my favourite people.

Published Author

My first book, Seven Freedom Elements, will be released globally through Morgan James Publishing (New York) in February 2018. In the meantime, I am completing the manuscript for my second book.

Professional Certified Coach

I am certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). The requirements for this level of certification includes 750+ hours coaching following ICF guidelines. As a member of the international governing body for coaching, I am proficient in the ICF Core Competencies and adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.


Learning is one of my highest values. My studies include a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology/Sociology) and an Advanced Practitioner of Coaching Certification. I always have about 10 books or audio-books on the go at any one time and I can often be found watching TED talks online, if not at one of the live events.

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